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The Night Mode Palette

Turn on the Night Mode Palette With One Click

Nowadays, you can find many websites, applications, web browsers, and operating systems, that provide users with the option to enable the Night mode palette.

The Night mode palette in one click
Pic.1 - Turn on the Night mode palette with one click

The Night mode palette is intended for a more comfortable viewing experience and help with eye strain that comes with prolonged screen time. However, it's not always easy and quick to turn on the Night mode palette the way you'd like it to be.

For these reasons, many people search on the web for instructions on how to turn on: chrome night mode, dark mode facebook, night mode iphone, dark mode windows and macOS, etc. YT is no exception.

With the Personalized Movie Theater app installed to your web browser, you can turn on the Night mode palette on YT with just one click. It's even easier than you thought. Now, when you are watching a movie, TV show, or just 4K video and want to search YouTube comments or read a chat, you can do so in a more comfortable and calm atmosphere for your eyes by quickly turning on the Night mode palette.

The Night Mode Palette Options

As soon as you go to the page of any movie or TV show, you will immediately see the Night mode palette switch to the left of the YT logo (Pic.2). If the Night mode palette switch does not show on the movie page, simly go to the Personalized Movie Theater options page and enable it in the advanced features section (Pic.3 and 4).

The Night mode palette switch
Pic.2 - The Night mode palette switch

Now, all you have to do is determine if you want to use the Night mode palette or leave the actual theme on the movie or Live TV page. Just toggle the switch up or down for your desired background setting and your entire web page theme will change to reflect your selected mode.

Movie Theater options menu
Pic.3 - Your Personalized Movie Theater options menu

The Night mode palette option
Pic.4 - Enable the Night mode palette option

The Night mode palette is ideal for watching movies, Live TV, streaming videos, TV shows, HD and 4K videos in the dark, and will actually bring the focus to the video during playback.

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