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Your Personalized Movie Theater in Pictures

Here you can take a look at screenshots, free images, and photos, to get a better idea and understanding of the various functions of the Magic Actions app—your Personalized Movie Theater. You can download and share these media materials with your friends, subscribers, and also use them on your blog or website.

Quick Access Menu Controls

Your Personalized Movie Theater gives you quick one-click access to the most basic functions, such as Pro Cinema Mode, Screen recorder, Night Mode Palette, Color filters, Speed Booster, Pro Transform effects, and more. For more info, watch this video and read Best Mod for YT.

Movie Theater Menu Controls

Personalized Audio Controls

With the app, you can instantly change the volume level of movies, TV shows, Live TV, HD and 4K videos, using the mouse wheel. Visit the Personalized Audio Controls page to learn how it works.

Control Audio level with mouse wheel

PRO Cinema Mode

With Cinema PRO Mode in your Personalized Movie Theater, you can feel like you're in a real movie theater. You will be impressed by watching movies, streaming videos, and TV shows, with stunning lighting effects. Learn more about PRO Cinema Mode.

PRO Cinema

Night Mode Palette

The Night Mode Palette is intended for a more comfortable viewing experience and help with eye strain that comes with prolonged screen time. With the app installed to your web browser, you can enable the Night Mode Palette with just one click.

Night Mode Palette

Multi-Range Infinite Looper

With the Multi-Range Infinite Looper function in your Personalized Movie Theater you can repeat funny fragments of movies, TV shows, HD or 4K videos, in an infinite loop. Learn how to repeat funny fragments with Infinite Looper.

Infinite Looper

Pro Transform Effects

The app provides Pro Transform effects, such as Vinyl, Star, Zoom, Horizontal Flip, and Vertical Flip, specifically designed for those who like to play music videos.

Vinyl - Pro Transform effect

Magic VinylPlayer Controls

Star - Pro Transform effect

Magic StarPlayer Controls

Video Color Filters

Your Personalized Movie Theater—the Magic Actions app—allows you to set color filters, such as Detalization, High Contrast, Grayscale, Sepia, Milk, Red Magic, Invert, Noir, Oil Painting, Pensil, Engraving, Plastify, Soft Focus Lens, etc., in movies, TV shows, Live TV, HD and 4K videos, to enhance your video experience.

Detalization color filter

Detalization Filter

High Contrast color filter

High Contrast Filter

Grayscale color filter

Grayscale Filter

Sepia color filter

Sepia Filter

Red Magic color filter

Red Magic Filter

Invert color filter

Invert Filter

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