Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube™

Cheat Sheet

Using YouTube's Keyboard Shortcuts

By Magic Actions - Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Many of us spend hours on YouTube each day, whether for educational purposes, to listen to music, or just to watch some funny videos. Therefore, it would be nice to learn a few main shortcuts that will help you navigate YouTube more quickly.

Of course, using the Magic Actions for YouTube™ browser extension will improve your user experience on YouTube™ at a higher level, but additional knowledge of useful keyboard shortcuts can enhance your watching experience even more. In the cheat sheet below, you will find a selection of the best shortcuts for YouTube™.

The Best Keybord Shortcuts for YouTube

The YouTube™ Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Global shortcuts. These don't require the video player to be in focus, but they become inactive when you are typing text into the search box or comment section.

kPlay or Pause video
tEnter or Exit theater mode
fStart or Exit full screen mode
iTurn miniplayer mode on or off
mMute or Unmute volume
/Place cursor in search box to start typing
EscClose miniplayer, exit full screen mode, close dialogs, or focus away from search field

Playback, 360° videos, subtitles, and captions shortcuts. These work when the YouTube™ player is in focus. You can set the focus for the video player by pausing the video or simply by clicking on the empty space between the player controls under the progress bar.

SpacebarPlay or Pause video
and Move backward and foward 5 seconds
j Move backward 10 seconds
lMove forward 10 seconds
0 to 9Move playhead to the respective percentage: 0%, 10%, 20% … 90%
0 or HomeReturn to the beginning of the video
EndSkip to the end of the video
,Move backward per frame when video is paused
.Move forward per frame when video is paused
and Turn volume up and down by 5%
Shift + ,Decrease playback speed
Shift + .Increase playback speed
Shift + nPlay the next suggested video or next video in the playlist
Shift + pPlay the previous video in the playlist
]Zoom in within 360° video
[Zoom out in 360° video
dPan right in 360° video
aPan left in 360° video
wPan up in 360° video
sPan down in 360° video
cTurn subtitles and captions on or off if available
+ or =Increase subtitles and captions font size when it's activated
- or _Decrease subtitles and captions font size when it's activated
o letterChange text opacity levels for subtitles and captions
wChange window opacity levels for subtitles and captions
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