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The Magic Actions App

The Magic Actions web browser extension is your Personalized Movie Theater in your web browser for YT that allows you to truly change your emotional perception of watching movies, 4k videos, live TV, TV shows, and more. Check out the list of amazing Personalized Movie Theater functions below, and you will no doubt agree that this is what you have always wanted.

Pro Cinema Mode
Watch movies and 4k videos like in a real movie theater.

Personalized Audio
Flexible control the audio level with the mouse wheel.

High Definition
Movies and TV shows in HD & Ultra High Definition quality.

Night Mode
Switch between Day and Night modes with one click.

Screen Recorder
Capture images from movies,TV shows, live TV, 4K videos.

Clear View Mode
Improved the comments section on YT.

Infinite Looper
Repeat funny fragments of movies and TV shows.

Better Video Control
Allow or stop movies & 4k videos to play automatically.

Color Filters
Enhance the video and make it truly impressive.

Video Transforms
Magic Vinyl, Magic Zoom, V-Flip, H-Flip…

Auto Repeat
Automatically play videos in non-stop mode.

Expand Mode
Watch movies and live TVs in full web browser window.

Speed Booster
Improved video preloading and buffering.

Ratings Preview
Easy way to find the best rated movies, TV shows, 4K videos.

Enlarge Thumbnails
Zoom in any images when you hover over them.

Hide Page Elements
Customize the video page layout as you want.

Quick Search
Instant search for selected text from the context menu.

Bypass Country
Always use
Worldwide / English.

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