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Personalized Audio Controls

Your Movie Theater With High Quality Audio

Who doesn't love watching movies, Live TV, streaming videos, and TV shows in Ultra High Definition 4k resolution with high quality audio?

Do you even have the best loudspeakers in the world such as Magico Q7 Mk II or a laptop with a Bang & Olufsen™ premium sound, or just bluetooth headphones? This is great!

Home Theater System
Pic.1 - Home Theater System

With customizable audio controls in your Personalized Movie Theater, you can improve your audio control when watching movies, TV shows tonight, Live TV, or just 4k videos on YT.

Once you've downloaded and installed the Magic Actions app, you can instantly change the audio volume with the mouse wheel, just like with an HDTV remote control.

A home theater sound system or just bluetooth headphones, plus convenient personalized audio controls… once you try it, you'll be surprised how you ever got along without it.

Audio Options to the Next Level

To use Personalized Movie Theater audio controls, simply make sure a movie or TV show is playing and you have checked the Instant control over volume option (Pic.2).

While a movie, TV show tonight, or just a 4k video is in the active player window, hover your mouse over the screen and scroll up to increase the audio level, or down to decrease the audio level.

It is so simple. Not only that, but the app takes customization to the next level by allowing you to control the type of on-screen display in addition to the colors and volume control steps.

Audio Options
Pic.2 - Personalized Movie Theater Audio Options

Personalized Movie Theater provides highly customizable on-screen display options. You have the ability to adjust the high quality audio level by scrolling the mouse wheel or holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse.

You then have the option to choose between line graphics, text, or no indication other than an audible response. In terms of customization, you have 12 beautiful colors to choose from for the audio bar.

Finally, you have complete control over the audio level step. You can adjust the sensitivity by moving the slider to the left or right. This means that you can choose a faster or smoother audio level.

Once you find the option that's right for you, you can start watching movies, live TV, streaming videos, TV shows, HD or 4K videos with high-quality audio, and complete audio control with a single swipe of the scroll button.

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