Magic Actions
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✧ What is Magic Actions?

Magic Actions is a browser extension that brings your video watching experience to a whole new dimension by providing you with a set of useful features, such as Auto HD, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Cinema mode, Dynamic Backlight, Stop Autoplay and many other.

✨ Where I can get Magic Actions?

You can freely install it from the Chrome Web Store or the Opera Extensions Gallery.
For Firefox, you can download Magic Actions on Firefox Add-ons gallery. It's free and safe, because Magic Actions was reviewed and approved by Chrome Apps Gallery, Firefox, Opera and our team members.

✦ Where is Magic Settings?

If you have already installed Magic Actions - you can control and customize many preferences right here, just see below. Keep in mind, when you modify some options, such as Auto HD 4k, Stop Autoplay, Speed Booster or Use MP4/AVC, the changes do not apply for tabs that you had opened previously.

❃ Magic Actions - Change Your Settings
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That's not all Magic Actions can do! You can look at the Help & Tips and the other support pages on this website to learn more.

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