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Millions Of Users Trust And Use Magic Actions Everyday

By Magic Actions -Updated: Saturday, July 25, 2020. Dear All: We are always striving to improve your experience, and each Magic Actions update includes feature enhancements, fixes, code optimization, performance improvements, etc. Your privacy and safety online are our top priorities.

Millions of users like you, trust and use Magic Actions every day. Keeping this trust through your privacy and safety is very important to us. Below, we will try to answer some questions about Magic Actions and your security and privacy online.

Outdated Browser - Your Security At Risk
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Critical Notifications And Why It's Important To Update Google Chrome

Updating your Chrome web browser is important for a variety of reasons. Not only does updating a web browser allow you to enjoy a faster and more responsive browsing experience, it increases your Internet privacy and security. If you are running an older, outdated web browser, you can expose yourself to privacy and security risks such as spyware, viruses, credit card fraud, phishing sites, identity theft and other sorts of malware.

Every update of Chrome includes new features, improvements, fixes, optimizations and security enhancements to defend against any threats. This is why we strongly recommend that you update your browser regularly.

Like all modern browsers, Google Chrome has an auto-update feature built in, but there are still times when a browser goes out of date for some reason or other. This can happen if your computer has been offline for a period of time, if you never restart your browser, if automatic updates are turned off.

Therefore, we have created the Browser Update Checker online tool and added critical notifications in Magic Actions that detect when a new version of Google Chrome is available. This allows you to instantly update your browser and helps you increase your privacy and security online, wherever your online experience takes you.

False And Misleading Information...

Dear All: This is to inform all current and future users of Magic Actions that fraudsters (unfortunately, even some developers who have competing products) are trying to defame our project by posting negative reviews, spreading false information online, spamming the comments section of the Chrome Web Store.

They are saying things such as "You don't need to update your browser," "it's malware," "they are installing other apps without your consent," "they are tracking you on every video," etc. Unfortunately, we are unable to moderate every negative review or comment being made. Therefore, we ask that you ignore these rumors.

Your privacy and safety are our top priorities! Magic Actions privacy policy.

We understand that there are many different opinions, and we accept any constructive criticism.
But ask yourself one question: Why would someone want you to use an outdated browser? The answer is clear.

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