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The Magic Mod for YouTube - New Features and Improvements!

By Magic Actions -Updated: Friday, October 6, 2023. Hi, everyone! Today, we are happy to announce that a new version of Magic Actions for YouTube™ has been released for most popular desktop browsers and will be available for download from the Chrome Web Store, Firefox and Opera add-on website galleries, over the coming days / weeks.

This release contains a number of bug fixes, various stability and security improvements, code optimization, and some important UI changes and new features. Magic Actions for YouTube

Typically, most browsers update extensions automatically in the background, but this doesn't always work. Learn how you can update your extensions manually in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers if an update is already available for download.

Fast-Access Menu, Skip Pre-Rolls, Custom Playback Speed, More

The most significant change in this release is the Fast-Access menu. Starting with Magic Actions for YouTube™, the Fast-Access menu has been moved to the control panel of the YouTube video player to give you more convenient access to the best features of Magic Actions.

The video buffering counter has also been moved to the video player's control panel next to the video duration time and is highlighted in blue.

Magic Actions Fast-Access MenuMagic Actions Fast-Access Menu and Buffering Counter

Just hover your mouse over the Magic Actions icon on the player's control panel and the Fast-Access menu will appear. Simply select the feature you want to use and you're done.

In this release you will notice new and improved Tooltips in the Fast-Access menu when you hover over an icon. For example, when you click the Filter icon to cycle through the 18 available video filters, it helps you easily determine which filter is currently on.

If you hover over the three-dot icon, you will see an additional submenu from which you can support the Magic Actions project by making a donation, subscribing to our YouTube channel, etc.

Support the Development of the Magic Actions Project Support the Development of the Magic Actions Project

Improved Snapshot Feature

We've added a thumbnail view mode to the the Magic Actions Snapshot tool so you can see all of your captured video frames in one place.

Captured Video Frames in Thumbnail View Mode

Now, when you click the Snapshot icon in the Magic Actions Fast-Access menu, all captured snapshots will automatically appear on the thumbnail view mode page in a new browser tab. Then all you have to do is simply select a thumbnail to edit and save the captured still image.

Changes to the "Day / Night" Feature

We've made some changes to the "Day / Night" feature that helps you switch between Light and Dark themes with just 1-click instead of three: YouTube Settings (or your account icon) → Appearance → Light or Dark theme.

Themes SwitchMagic Actions Themes Switch

Now, if Magic Actions "Day / Night" feature is enabled, it takes precedence over the original YouTube appearance settings. Therefore, changing the original appearance settings will have no effect until Magic Actions "Day / Night" feature is turned off. Additionally, starting with this release, we are discontinuing support for the old YouTube layout.

Turn On or Off Day / Night SwitchEnable the "Day / Night" Mode

Auto Skip Pre-Rolls

To improve your watching experience, we have added a new feature which is called "Better Ads" → "Auto Skip Pre-Roll Videos." This will give you the ability to watch your favorite videos without any interruption or annoyances. You can enable this feature on the Magic Options page.

Auto Skip Long Pre-Rolls in Video Better Video Experience Without Long Pre-rolls

Custom Playback Speed

Another great feature included in the extension is "Custom Playback Speed," which lets you slow down or speed up video content by setting the video playback speed.

Custom Playback Speed SettingsVideo Playback Speed Option

We truly hope you will enjoy this update and are always grateful for .

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