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Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll


What is Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll?

If you remember, last year, 2020, Google made Chrome's built-in ad blocker, based on Better Ads Standards, fully available globally. It is designed to keep out ads that interfere with user experience, interrupt content, and slow down browsing.

As you probably know, online advertising helps support free content, independent journalism and video creators and keeps mobile apps and games free to use. Thus, the idea behind Better Ads is to improve the user experience with online ads so that the user will not be compelled to use ad blockers, thereby supporting content creators.

Auto Skip Pre-Roll Videos
Skip or allow long pre-roll videos

Earlier this year, in February, a nonprofit consortium called the Coalition for Better Ads developed a new standard for short-form videos (videos less than 8 minutes long) for desktop, mobile web, and apps to improve the online ad experience for consumers.

In a nutshell, according to the new standard, long (longer than 31 seconds) or non-skippable pre-roll ads and mid-roll ads are not permitted during short-form videos.

Since August 5, 2020, Chrome has begun enforcing these rules on all sites, including YT, worlwide. However, in practice, not everything is perfect, and quite often, we can see annoying pre-roll or mid-roll ads in short-form videos.


Skip or Allow Pre-Roll and Mid-Roll Ads

Based on the idea of Better Ads, we've added a new function to your Personalized Movie Theater—the Magic Actions app—called Auto Skip Pre-Roll Videos.

Now, if you feel that pre-roll or mid-roll ads in movies, TV shows, HD and 4K videos, are disrupting your viewing experience, you can simply go to the app options page, select Better Ads and then check the Auto Skip Pre-Roll Videos box.

Auto skip pre-roll and mid-roll ads
Auto skip pre-roll and mid-roll option

If you haven't already installed your Personalized Movie Theater, you can get it from the links below.

Download and install Chrome extension, Firefox add-on, or version for Opera.

We have deliberately excluded the blocking feature for all ads because it is counterproductive and has negative consequences for both free content creators and users. Most of the free content on the web is only free because of the advertising.

The Coalition for Better Ads exists to achieve common goals and develops standards for improving online advertising for consumers. Just keep in mind that by helping others, you are helping yourself.

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