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Virtual Keyboard for YouTube™

A mouse and finger-friendly virtual on-screen keyboard with the keyboard shortcuts for YouTube™.

Press the Tab key or click on any key to see a description of the shortcut.

EscExit full screen mode, close miniplayer, close dialogs, or focus away from search field.F1F2 F3F4F5F6F7F8F9F10F11F12Del
1 Move playhead to 10% (player focus required)
2 Move playhead to 20% (player focus required)
3 Move playhead to 30% (player focus required)
4 Move playhead to 40% (player focus required)
5 Move playhead to 50% (player focus required)
6 Move playhead to 60% (player focus required)
7 Move playhead to 70% (player focus required)
8 Move playhead to 80% (player focus required)
9 Move playhead to 90% (player focus required)
0 Return to the beginning of the video (player focus required)
TabQWERT Toggle theater modeYUI Toggle miniplayer modeOP{
CapsASDF Toggle full screen modeGHJ Move backward 10 seconds (player focus required)K Play or Pause video L Move forward 10 seconds (player focus required):
ShiftZXC Toggle subtitles and captions if availableVBNM Mute or Unmute volume<
Home Return to the beginning of the video (player focus required)End Skip to the end of the video (player focus required) Turn volume up by 5% (player focus required)
CtrlYT Magic Actions for YouTubeAlt 
  Play or Pause video (player focus required)
AltPgUpPgDnMove backward 5 seconds (player focus required)Move foward 5 seconds (player focus required)Turn volume down by 5% (player focus required)
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This virtual keyboard allows you to visually explore the most useful key shortcuts to help you navigate YouTube™ more quickly and enhance your video browsing experience. Virtual Keyboard for YouTube™ If you find it useful, you can drag "Virtual Keyboard for YouTube™" button to your desktop or bookmarks bar to create a shortcut for quick access to this virtual keyboard.

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Magic Actions for YouTube™
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