Why You Should Update to Google Chrome 68

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Chrome Is Now Marking All Unencrypted
HTTP Sites As Not Secure

By Magic Actions - Tuesday, 31 July 2018. Dear all, Last week, Google has released Chrome 68 for Windows, Mac and Linux, which is the latest stable version of the popular web browser. As always, this update includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, 42 security fixes, new features and some new APIs. Most importantly, Chrome 68 is now marking all unencrypted HTTP sites as "Not Secure". We highly recommend you to update your Chrome browser to the latest version 68 as soon as possible.

Google Chrome v68 marks insecure sites
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Please note: Some "shady" developers and scammers want you to use an outdated Chrome browser with security holes to utilize your personal information for their own purposes. They are trying to defame and discredit our project by spreading false information online, posting fake negative reviews on Chrome Web Store. We urge you not to trust them! Your privacy and safety is our top priority! In order to ensure your privacy and security online and get most out of Magic Actions, we strongly recommend using the latest stable version of Chrome web browser.

What does "Not Secure" Site Mean?

That means when you navigate to any website with HTTP prefix, Google Chrome will show a "Not Secure" warning in the URL bar. This is because your connection to this website is not encrypted, and anyone on the internet can view your personal private information.

What Does "Secure" Site Mean?

That means when you navigate to any website with HTTPS prefix, your private information, such as your passwords, credit card info, bank account details, and etc., will be encrypted and private.

A New Protection Against Iframe Redirect

Google Chrome™ 68 includes a new anti-malvertising feature to defend users against iframe redirects. Chrome will now block URL redirections triggered by shady iframes that used by malicious advertising.

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