Professional Videos For Your Business

The Video Is Always Naturally Engaging

Professional Video For Your Business - Use It or Lose It

By Magic Actions -Updated: Sunday, June 16, 2019. Do you know that it takes 1/10 of a second to form a first impression about a person? The same is about your website or your business. Information that comes through video is much more effective and stays longer in our memory!

Professional Video
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Watching video people satisfy their entertainment but also their information needs. Because it's fun! Therefore, video marketing is quickly becoming a key not only for big businesses. The video is always naturally engaging. In the age of information overload, especially for small businesses, it becomes vital to offer content that is easy to take in.

Your business is like your child, and only you know the best about it. You love it because you give yourself and your precious time for growing it. You want to tell about your business – child to others. But you can share your story only with the people you interact on a daily basis. On the other hand, your video lets you tell your story to the bigger audience – in full sight, sound and motion.

Just imagine a professional video that represents your business! Yeah, probably you are thinking now: for a professional video I need a professional team. That's right! Now imagine a very professional team of video makers working exceptionally for you. They create a professional video of your business and market it worldwide just for $150.

YouTube Director Onsite

YouTube team can work for you, shooting a professional video for your business when you spend $150 on advertising on YouTube. YouTube Director onsite is a new service that helps to make professional videos for those who cannot spend much money but are searching for perfection.

How does "Director onsite" work? First of all, it will connect you with a professional filmmaker. After you apply for your video, he or she will call you and work with you over the phone: the filmmaker will need to know the unique details about your video in order to write a video script. Then the professional video maker will visit your business to shoot the video, afterward, it will be edited. When you approve your finished video, the filmmaker will upload it to your YouTube channel. Do you have it? If you still haven't created one, don't worry. The assigned consultant will help you set one up. Moreover, you will be connected with a Google consultant who'll help you to create your YouTube ad campaign. This will work the best for your specific goals. This process usually takes a few hours around 2-3 weeks.

The best length for a video is not more than one minute because people's attention spans are short. Longer videos run the risk of losing viewers midstream. Keep in mind that TV commercials are 15 - 30 seconds long because the viewers want to get all messages quickly. YouTube will make all that your video should be remembered on its best with the message to the point.

Professionally produced video often costs over $500. YouTube Director onsite offers to create your video for free, $150 that you are asked to invest will go on advertising with your video on YouTube after it's completed. Ensure that your video has the best chance of generating results for your business! Here is the link to get started https://director.youtube.com

Update 1: YouTube is closing its Director onsite services and no longer accepting new projects. More information you can find here. YouTube is now recommending users check out its YouTube Playbook for Small Business and third-party services as alternative resources.

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