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Improved Comments Section

Enlarge user's avatarPic.1 - Enlarge user's avatarWith Magic Actions, you can not only watch videos in UHD quality with fantastic lighting effects and HD sound but also you can improve the comments section on a video.

This feature enable you to view enlarged versions of users avatars on mouse over, automatically sort comments by newest and select a custom dark theme by using Day & Night switch.

Enable Comments Feature

Options buttonPic. 2 - Open Magic Actions for YouTube™ options
Comments Features Pic.3 - Comments features
To begin using the amazing comments feature, all you need to do is select your video, then navigate to the Magic Actions buttons at the bottom of the video window. From there, select the Magic Options button which is the gear icon in the list (Pic.2).

Once selected, you will be presented with the Magic Actions options page where you will need to select Comments Features (Pic.3). From here you have the ability to toggle on and off various options. You can choose each of the features you would like to enable by clicking the checkbox. Now you can navigate to the comments section of your video and view the enhanced comments.

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