How to Shoot a Quality Video on Your Phone

Smartphone Video Making

8 Basic Tips to Taking Better Video

By Magic Actions - Sunday, 1 March 2020. Not long ago, shooting a good video on a phone was a dream, because the quality of filming was poor compared to more expensive devices for shooting video. These days, smartphones have become not only extremely convenient devices, but also inexpensive and high-quality video tools for everyone, from professionals to amateurs.

However, shooting a good video without basic knowledge and the correct shooting technique is quite difficult. So, today we want to tell you some useful tips that will help you shoot better videos on your smartphone.

Smartphone Video Making
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1. Choose the Right Video Resolution and Frame Rate

In the camera app settings, choose one of the most common resolutions, 1080 HD or 4K, and a frame rate of 30 fps or 60 fps. Video shot in 4K resolution will be of higher quality, but the video file will be four times larger than in 1080 HD. Filming in 60 fps will result in smoother video when depicting action, but in most cases you can shoot your videos at 30 fps.

2. Keep Your Phone Horizontal

Always shoot your videos horizontally in landscape mode. This makes the video better, without two large vertical black bars on both sides, when viewed in full size on a TV screen or on a PC monitor.

3. Use the Basic Composition Rules

If you activate a grid in your camera app settings, this will help you align your shot with the walls, objects, floor, etc. and will also give you more ideas of where you can put your subject in the frame to make it look more attractive.


4. Use Focus and Exposure in Manual Mode

In low light conditions, your smartphone's camera automatically adjusts the exposure and focus while you're shooting, which can make video look unprofessional. To lock the focus and exposure, open the camera app on your iOS or Android device, then press and hold (iOS) or just tap (Android) on the screen area to activate the lock function.

5. Record Your Videos in Right Lighting

Proper lighting is one of the most important things when filming on a smartphone. You should shoot video in brightly lit places with good lighting. Point the camera so that the bright light sources are closer to you or behind you, but not behind your subject.

6. Keep Your Phone Steady

While recording, hold the smartphone with both hands, and try to make all the movements and rotations with your whole body, not your hands. This will help you avoid blurry, distorted, or annoying images.

7. Shoot Multiple Takes and from Different Angles

Shoot videos from several positions, angles, and distances; shoot several takes of each scene so as not to miss a single visually interesting moment before the end of the recording.

8. Use a Good Microphone

To make your video more attractive, good sound is just as important as a high-quality image. All smartphones have built-in microphones, but usually the quality is poor. Thus, you can use an external microphone, or use a second phone to record only sound, or shoot video without recording sound, and then overlay audio tracks later.

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