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Magic Actions for YouTube™ is an extension for the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers that will help you enhance your watching experience on YouTube. Magic Actions includes unique features and tweaks that you may not find in a similar apps, provides you the ability to watch videos in Full HD and even in Ultra HD 4K automatically, watch videos in a Cinema Mode with a fantastic light effects around the player, lets you easily control the volume level with your mouse wheel, switch between light and dark themes instantly, with just 1-click. With all its pieces adding up to the superior Hi-End product, we hope you will enjoy every time of using this extension.

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Help and Tips

Tips Icon Did you know that deleting your browser's cache and flash plug-in cookies (LSO, Local Shared Objects) will help to address most video playback issues?

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Magic Actions For YouTube

The Magic Actions for YouTube™ allows you to watch videos at high definition quality using Auto HD feature, change speaker volume by scrolling mouse wheel, Expand videos to Full Window size, Cinema mode will make you feel as if you were in a movie theater, and much more!

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Help and Tips

Tips Icon Did you know that clearing your browser's cache, cookies and flash plugin data will help to address most issues?

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